Kitch-Iti-Kipi, Michigan Big Spring

A few miles Northwest of Manistique (Don’t worry there are well marked signs off Hwy 2) lies Palm Brook State Park, which contains a popular UP tourist attraction call Kitchitikipi Springs.

It’s a small natural spring around 50′ deep with aqua blue-green water. The water exchanges completely in the pond multiple times a day so you can see right to the bottom, with big trout swimming around.

There is a pontoon like raft attached to a cable which stretches across the spring. You have to manually turn a large wheel to move the raft back and forth across the pond.

My favorite part is looking down into the deeper sections to see the spring water churning in off the bottom like a small volcano.

There is a really nice gift shop before you enter.

This is a magical place which reminds me of the deep springs in Florida and seems surreal and out of place in Upper Michigan.

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